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Kaliber have a large team of highly skilled operators with a wealth of experience and knowledge within the industry. Process specific training and support has been given to selected teams of operators to ensure quality and detail is adhered to in an ever changing production environment, thus making all of Kaliber's operators very equipped with the knowledge and skills to deliver quality products.





Work Stations

All product is built on individual work stations that have tooling shadow boards and access to a Nedermann extraction system for use when soldering. Bespoke shadow boards are created for specific projects thus ensuring correct tooling is used to comply with demands. Rubber matting is used for builds that require a higher standard of protection.


Kaliber have a designated trainer and training area to continually develop all of our manufacturing operators with regular scheduled training to Industry Standard TE Connectivity COP's, IPC-A-620, manufacturer specifications and internal Kaliber standards.

Kaliber actively analyse internal data to provide operators specific training on areas that require extra attention. This ensures that all of our operators manufacture at a high standard, reducing the risk of non-conformances.






Kaliber has over 1800 tools from various industry leading manufacturers. This contains several automated, hydraulic and pneumatic tooling to increase efficiency and repeatability of build.

Kaliber has a TE3124 thermal transfer printer for marker sleeves; identifying finished product. The 600 dpi print head produces outstanding quality text, barcodes, and graphic images.

Torque Bench

The majority of product manufactured by Kaliber requires applying torque. Kaliber has invested in two industry leading torque analysers, and over twenty torque specific wrenches that break when the required torque value is reached. The torque analysers are used by only a selection of highly trained operators giving high accuracy and repeatability.

A bespoke torque bench enables easy use for operators and ensures product does not get damaged during the torque process.





Laying Up Bench

For large cable builds, Kaliber has created a multi-functional bespoke 14 metre laying up bench that makes it easier for our operators to lay up wires, install tubing and measure cables.